How to Make an Origami Penguin

by Yasushi Ishikawa

It is the art of folding a sheet of paper into various figures such as birds,animals,and many other things without using scissors or paste.


Step 1

Fold in half right to the left diagonally and unfold.

Step 2

Pink side up, fold in half both ways and un fold.

Step 3

Fold bottom corner to the center.

Step 4

Fold top edges to the diagonal creases and unfold.

Step 5

Using creases made in previous step, fold down top edges.

Step 6

Fold up 1/4 of bottom portion of paper as shown.

Step 7

Open and squash fold small corners on the sides.

Step 8

Fold down folded edges to meet at center creases.

Step 9

Mountain fold left side back along center creases.

Step 10

Inside-reverse fold top point diagonally to the right.

Step 11

Outsid-reverse fold top as shown.

Step 12

Crimp fold the back and out as shown.

Step 13

Inside-reverse fold bottom left corner in. Model complete!!

Step 14

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