How to Make an Origami Peace Crane

by Kaitlin Heather

A simple step by step guide. Great to give instead of Birthday cards or a flat bank note. You'll need to practice a few times.


  • Square piece of paper
  • Hands
  • Patience
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Take a square piece of paper, whatever size you want. Mine is a piece of A4 with the bottom cut off (and crumpled because I'm reusing it).

    Step 2

    Fold it in half diagonally to make a triangle. I flipped mine over so the white side was face up before I folded it.

    Step 3

    And again. The top corner from the previous photo is now on top of the bottom right corner.

    Step 4

    There should be a gap between two pieces.

    Step 5

    Fold it in half again...

    Step 6

    ...and unfold it back to where you were. This gives you a fold line down the middle of the triangle.

    Step 7

    Take the bottom corner on the top right hand side and fold it over to the left hand corner. Hope that makes sense.

    Step 8

    It should look like this.

    Step 9

    Unfold it again. Your crease for the next step has now been made.

    Step 10

    This step is a little tricky. Lift the right top half and fold it down on itself to create a square joined onto a small triangle.

    Step 11

    It should look like this.

    Step 12

    Turn it over.

    Step 13

    Place your finger on the crease down the middle of the square side.

    Step 14

    Pinch the left bottom corner of the triangle side...

    Step 15

    ...and lift it up. Your finger should be behind the upright triangle, holding the square down but I only had one hand free.

    Step 16

    This is a little hard to get your head round. Once the triangle is upright you need to open it up and flatten it. Hope the video helps.

    Step 17

    You should now have a square.

    Step 18

    Take the bottom left corner and fold it so it lines up with the crease down the middle of the square.

    Step 19

    Make sure to score it with your finger.

    Step 20

    Do the same with the top right corner, so you get a kite shape.

    Step 21

    Now take the top, previously the top left corner of the square, and fold on top of both pieces you've just folded.

    Step 22

    It should look like this. Remember to score along the lines.

    Step 23

    Now unfold it all and you'll be left with good crease lines to help you out for the next part.

    Step 24

    Separate the bottom left corner from the corner underneath it.

    Step 25

    Fold it and score.

    Step 26

    Do the same on the other side.

    Step 27

    Unfold it (mine is now even more creased because I was trying to remember the next steps).

    Step 28

    Peel back the very top layer from the bottom right corner.

    Step 29

    Lift it up...

    Step 30

    ...get it to this point...

    Step 31

    ...and then flatten it. This is called a petal fold.

    Step 32

    Turn it over. Now you have a square with a weird pointy head?

    Step 33

    Fold in the top and bottom corner like before to create a kite... with a head.

    Step 34

    Once it's creased well, unfold it. Again.

    Step 35

    Like last time, peel back the bottom right corner.

    Step 36

    Lift it up...

    Step 37

    This is where your previous folds come in handy. You need to fold it back on itself.

    Step 38

    And flatten. You've now made your bird base. Not much left!

    Step 39

    This bit is important. One end of the diamond will split like can-can legs.

    Step 40

    If you open the other side it's just a piece of paper. You want be working with the can-can side - it'll be the side to the right in the next photo.

    Step 41

    Fold the side into the middle, like this:

    Step 42

    And do the same with the other side.

    Step 43

    Turn it over...

    Step 44

    ...and do the same.

    Step 45

    I'm now going to start making inside reverse folds, but first I need to crease the can-can legs.

    Step 46

    You don't want it to fold straight up, follow the angle of lines above where you will make the crease.

    Step 47

    Do the same on the other side...

    Step 48

    ...and unfold.

    Step 49

    My phone memory stopped me making me videos at this point so I've took pictures as simply as I can.

    Step 50

    Turn it to the side.

    Step 51

    Open it up.

    Step 52

    Pull the part up and away from the other can-can leg.

    Step 53

    And fold.

    Step 54

    Do the same on the other side.

    Step 55

    Turn it to what was the front.

    Step 56

    And open it out.

    Step 57

    Do the same on the opposite side.

    Step 58

    Then just pull out the long bits from inside the bigger outside pieces.

    Step 59

    Bend a tiny part at the top and flatten it to make a beak.

    Step 60

    Fold down one wing...

    Step 61

    ...and the other.

    Step 62

    Then, if you want a puffed up body, you need to blow through the tiny hole in the base of the bird. Then gently pull the wings apart and it should 'pop up'.

    Step 63

    Here is the finished crane. Sorry for all the steps, I just know how difficult it can be when you know nothing about paper folding.

    Step 64

    Have fun! // Find me on Instagram @kaitlin_heather