How to Make an Origami Crane

by Liz .

🇯🇵 Japanese symbols of peace 🇯🇵


  • 1 Piece of Paper - Square
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Begin with the colour side up, if you are using origami paper

    Step 2

    Fold up from corner to corner

    Step 3

    Unfold and repeat with the other corners

    Step 4

    Unfold and turn over so it stands up a little

    Step 5

    Fold up from edge to edge

    Step 6

    Repeat with the other edges

    Step 7

    Now rotate the paper so the open end in facing to your left and the diagonal crease is running vertically

    Step 8

    Open up

    Step 9

    Fold along the existing crease as shown

    Step 10

    Repeat with the existing crease on the left, like so

    Step 11

    Step 12

    Sharpen the vertical crease and the two top edges

    Step 13

    Fold the bottom right edge to the middle, like so

    Step 14

    Repeat on all the other bottom edges

    Step 15

    Fold the top triangle down as far as it can go

    Step 16

    Unfold the kite like folds and the top triange

    Step 17

    Open like so, stopping on the crease made in step 15

    Step 18

    Keep opening

    Step 19

    Step 20

    Sharpen the creases then repeat on the back

    Step 21

    Fold the bottom right edge to the vertical crease, like in step 13

    Step 22

    Repeat on all the other bottom edges

    Step 23

    Take the bottom right edge and open it to the left (like a book)

    Step 24

    Fold the bottom corner up along the horizontal crease

    Step 25

    Like this

    Step 26

    Fold back over (like closing the book)

    Step 27

    Repeat on the other edge

    Step 28

    Pull out the bit you folded up in step 25 like so

    Step 29

    Put pressure on the bottom right edge to crease it and make it stay in place (you can pull the bit out as far as desired)

    Step 30

    Repeat with the other bit

    Step 31

    Open which ever edge you want and fold down the top to make the head

    Step 32

    Fold it like so

    Step 33

    Now pull out the head like you did in step 28

    Step 34

    Now fold the wings down as far as they will go

    Step 35

    Don't forget the other one!

    Step 36

    Open out the wings like so

    Step 37

    Finished cranes! Make as many as you like!