How to Make an Oragami Butterfly

by Anna Savage

Make a pretty butterfly out of paper!


  • Scissors
  • Patterned paper
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Collect your supplies

    Step 2

    Fold the square paper in half

    Step 3

    Then half again

    Step 4

    Unfold the piece of paper

    Step 5

    And fold it into a triangle

    Step 6

    Then fold that triangle into another triangle

    Step 7

    Unfold the piece of paper.. Then pinch the inside of your paper to create a point

    Step 8

    Do the same for the other side, pinch into a point

    Step 9

    Then press down into a triangle

    Step 10

    Place your triangle on its back, take the to points at the bottom of the triangle and fold the two points towards the top point

    Step 11

    Do for both sides

    Step 12

    Step 13

    Flip your triangle

    Step 14

    Take the bottom point and fold to the top, the top should be over the flat edge of your triangle

    Step 15

    Like so

    Step 16

    Now a tiny triangle will peek over the top

    Step 17

    Fold that down

    Step 18

    And here's your very own oragami butterfly!!

    Step 19

    Step 20

    Just watch it doesn't fly away ;) Any problems leave a wee comment and I'll be happy to help!