How to Make an Old-Fashioned (Mad Men Style)

by Tab Sh


  • Whiskey/bourbon
  • Orange peel
  • Angostura bitters
  • Sugar dot
  • Ice cubes
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This is how you make an old-fashioned old fashioned - a great drink for any occasion (and Don Draper's drink of choice!)

    Step 2

    Here is what you'll need. (Tap the picture)

    Step 3

    Place one sugar dot in a glass

    Step 4

    Add 2-3 drops of bitters. Don't worry, this will not make your drink bitter, but instead bind the flavor together.

    Step 5

    Add a splash of water...

    Step 6

    Use a spoon to muddle it up

    Step 7

    Add your ice cubes

    Step 8

    Measure out 1-1.5 oz of your finest whiskey.

    Step 9

    Almost there!

    Step 10

    Slice a thin peel off the orange like want to just dissect the peel

    Step 11

    Run the peel along the edge of the glass and smear those essential oils on the rim

    Step 12

    Drop the peel into the glass and give it a good whirl !

    Step 13

    There it is. You just made an old fashioned, old fashioned! Cheers!