How to Make an Iris Folding Card

by Liz .

This is a very long and time consuming project. Patience is essential and you need lots of concentration. I hope you like this guide, it is a pretty good conversation starter and is effective


  • Internet
  • Printer
  • Pencil
  • 4 Pieces of paper, patterned A4
  • Masking Tape
  • Craft Knife/Scissors
  • Glue
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First you need to get onto the Internet. Google 'circle of crafters'.

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Click on the first link

    Step 4

    It should come up with this

    Step 5

    I'm sorry bout the fuzziness, but it says iris folding

    Step 6

    Then it takes you here

    Step 7

    On the right there is a list of iris folding patterns, they are all free

    Step 8

    And there is seasonal patterns and free patterns of the month

    Step 9

    Choose the one that sounds the most interesting, for this guide I chose the maple leaf

    Step 10

    Under the picture it shows supplies and there is a link that says click here to print the free pattern

    Step 11

    Click on that link and it will take you here.

    Step 12

    Press control (ctrl)

    Step 13

    And the letter 'P' at the same time

    Step 14

    Like this

    Step 15

    A window will come up and select the printer you wish to print it to

    Step 16

    Then click print

    Step 17

    When it comes out of the printer is should look like this

    Step 18

    Cut it up

    Step 19

    Then cut these to bits out, these are the only things you're going to need

    Step 20

    Take you patterned paper, mine is homemade marbled paper, you can choose what ever colour you like

    Step 21

    Turn you paper over to the white side or the 'back'

    Step 22

    Fold the short edge to the other short edge and crease nicely

    Step 23


    Step 24

    Turn landscape and turn over

    Step 25

    Lay your pattern where you want it to be. In my opinion I find it best if you put it in the centre

    Step 26

    Now trace around the outline

    Step 27

    You should get something like that

    Step 28

    This is how to cut it out with scissors, but skip this if you have a craft knife and board.

    Step 29

    Cut it out all the way around

    Step 30

    Fold back over

    Step 31

    Get your template

    Step 32

    And lay it in the cut out shape

    Step 33

    Masking tape it down, it's best if you don't use sticky tape, because masking tape won't tear when you take it off

    Step 34

    Open up and your ready to start!

    Step 35

    Take some paper that you think would be good to use. I chose a variety of browns and yellows, autumn colours

    Step 36

    Narrow it down to three

    Step 37

    Take the first one and turn it to the back

    Step 38

    Fold up the bottom

    Step 39

    Fold it up about one cm

    Step 40

    Now fold it up a few times, this will help for later on!

    Step 41

    Cut after the first 2 sections, as shown

    Step 42

    And you should get this! Put the rest of the paper aside

    Step 43

    Fold it over

    Step 44

    Now do the same on the next piece

    Step 45

    Fold it

    Step 46

    1 cm

    Step 47

    Fold it a few times

    Step 48

    Now you should have these two

    Step 49

    And do the same with the other

    Step 50

    Get the template/card

    Step 51

    Fold the the right hand side behind

    Step 52

    Turn it so that the number one faces you

    Step 53

    Get your first colour

    Step 54

    Fold it so it just is a little bigger than the thing on the template

    Step 55

    Cut it

    Step 56

    Make sure that the folded edge is always facing the 'Iris'

    Step 57

    And tape that down with masking tape

    Step 58

    Use this as your guide to what colour goes where

    Step 59

    Do the same as before

    Step 60

    And again

    Step 61

    Now time to do pattern/colour b

    Step 62

    Rotate the card so that the number four is closest to you

    Step 63

    Stick down the next colour on number four, don't forget to have the folded edge facing the 'Iris'

    Step 64

    Do the same

    Step 65

    And again

    Step 66

    That's what it should look like

    Step 67

    Now for pattern/colour c

    Step 68

    If you haven't been getting it, here's a video

    Step 69

    Step 70

    After a while you should get a few small ones that won't fit the next number space, but DON'T throw them out, they will come in handy later

    Step 71

    See, the bottom one in step 70 won't fit number fourteen.

    Step 72

    So get this back out

    Step 73

    And do what you did earlier

    Step 74

    Now you can keep going! Until you reach here where those small bits come in handy

    Step 75

    Grab the small bits

    Step 76

    And fit it to the number your up to, if it doesn't fit, don't stress, you can just go back to using the big ones again

    Step 77

    Even if its a bit big, don't worry, it's good to use these up, so that you don't have to pick up all those tiny bits when you're done!

    Step 78

    Now time for the iris

    Step 79

    Take a different coloured sheet, I would suggest you use a darker colour to the rest of the ones your already using, sorry about this photo, it's actually brown, the lights weren't being helpful...

    Step 80

    Cut out a corner

    Step 81

    Cover the iris

    Step 82

    Tape it down, make sure it's secure

    Step 83

    And if you like you can tape up the rest too!

    Step 84

    Don't forget to take off the template!!

    Step 85

    Start to unstick it, be careful to not tear the paper

    Step 86

    Take it off all the way

    Step 87

    And there you have it! An almost finished iris folded card!!

    Step 88

    Don't forget about the inside,

    Step 89

    Just get some paper larger than the card

    Step 90

    Step 91

    And get some glue

    Step 92

    Glue the paper

    Step 93

    And stick it down!

    Step 94

    There you go!

    Step 95

    (This is optional) you can cut off the excess white

    Step 96

    Tada!!!!! A finished card!