How to Make an iPhone Speaker for Free

by Brandon Werner

Making an iPhone speaker never been easier


  • Toilet paper roll
  • Knife/scissors or other cutting utensil
  • iPhone/iPod Touch
  • pen/pencil/marker
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    You need one toilet paper roll

    Step 2

    Open or take out your knife/cutting utensil

    Step 3

    Get out your writing utensil. For this I will be using a highlighter

    Step 4

    Set your device and grab your marker.

    Step 5

    Outline your device. I suggest you put a case on so you don't mark up your device.

    Step 6

    Use your writing utensil to outline your device. Be careful to not mark it up.

    Step 7

    Cut along the line that you made. Be careful not to hurt yourself or to bend the roll too much.

    Step 8

    To finish off I ended up using scissors.

    Step 9

    Now grab some tape if you mess up.

    Step 10

    Nice volume, but not enough for a good party.

    Step 11

    OPTIONAL: Continue for the front controls.

    Step 12

    Mark where it goes.

    Step 13

    Make a box where the controls would be.

    Step 14

    Also access your unlock screen.

    Step 15

    Waaapaaa. You can now access the controls. And you have nice loud music.

    Step 16

    NOTE: The app I am using is ... it is the best music app out there that is free. UPDATE DEC 26, 2012: Spotify radio is better. More music is the main thing :)