How to Make an Instant Armor Equiper on Minecraft

by ice block

this tutorial will tell you how to make an instant armor equiper with light that shows if armor is in there or not.


  • 4 dispenser
  • 2 redstone lamp
  • 1 redstone repeater
  • 1 redstone comparator
  • 3 redstone dust
  • 1 pressure plate
  • 1 fence
  • 1 set of armor
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    first, you will have to place dispenser facing each other and place redstone lamp at the back like so.

    Step 2

    place a fence between dispenser and put pressure plate at the top.

    Step 3

    go behind to the left dispenser and place redstone comparator coming out from bottom dispenser and put repeater coming out from comparator.

    Step 4

    connect redstone dust to bottom lamp

    Step 5

    then, put in each piece of armor in each dispenser.

    Step 6

    something like this (I'm sorry that I can't write things with mouse)

    Step 7

    its done. when you walk up to pressure plate and after you hear something dispensed, you are all set.

    Step 8

    you can see you have nice armor on you!