How to Make an Entryway Bench From an Old Door

by Roberta Phillips

I wanted a piece for all of our visitors to put their coats, shoes, purses and keys. This is my first snapguide. So it's kinda just practice. My blog for this piece can be found at


  • 1 Old door
  • 1 Solid piece of wood for bench
  • 5 Pieces of Plywood, cut to size.
  • 4 Pints Coat hooks
  • 6 Feet Crown molding
  • 6 Feet Baseboard molding
  • 12 L-brackets with screws
  • 1 Bunch Nails
  • 1 Bunch Finishing nails
  • 1 Pint Paint
  • 1 Cup Martha Stewart crackle paint
  • 1 Pint Stain
  • 1 Palette knife
  • 1 Belt sander
  • 1 Circular saw
  • 1 Molding saw
  • 1 Hammer
  • 1 Large flathead screwdriver
  • 1 Phillips screwdriver
  • 1 Rust-oleum faux-metal spray paint
  • 1 Drill
  • 1 Painters tape
  • 1 Wood Glue
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This is it!!

    Step 2

    Buy an old door

    Step 3

    This door was from the old courthouse in my town in the 1920's... Deco hardware

    Step 4

    Skeleton key hole

    Step 5

    Find a big piece of wood you can use for the bench top.

    Step 6

    This was a cedar desk with a LOT of polyurethane!

    Step 7

    Eventually I got it all off!

    Step 8

    ...with a hammer and a "chisel"/flathead 😉

    Step 9

    Sand it good!

    Step 10

    And cut it to size

    Step 11

    I cut it to fit around the door, so it would be more sturdy and look more "finished"

    Step 12

    Leaving it beat up gives it some character... Also leaves room for errors and makes them look intentional!

    Step 13

    Stain that sucker... I like the combo stain+poly.

    Step 14

    Then build a basic box with plywood, tack nails, wood glue, and L-brackets for extra support.

    Step 15

    I used a piece in the middle so I have two separate storage areas, and it helped support the piece. I also doubled the plywood on the base so my baseboards would'll see what I mean.

    Step 16

    This stuff is tricky, it only worked on one thing, which worked to my advantage in the end.

    Step 17

    Paint the door and bench (used valspar crackle, didn't work)

    Step 18

    Add coat hooks

    Step 19

    Attach bench to door. **bring inside and put it where you want it BEFORE assembly. It may be too big and heavy and awkward to fit through doorway.

    Step 20

    Awesome rust-oleum spray, comes in different metal faux-finishes.

    Step 21

    Spray hardware. Don't forget to tape off! Actually I did this before I painted door.

    Step 22

    Step 23

    Spray hardware...

    Step 24

    Cut molding

    Step 25

    Paint molding (hey look! The crackle decided to work!) and attach with nails. Add a piece of stained plywood to the top.

    Step 26

    Martha Stewart crackle...The bottle on the right is the paint I used on the door.

    Step 27

    Applied Martha Stewart crackle with a palette knife

    Step 28

    MS applied on beadboard, too. Beadboard attached with finishing nails after cut to size. Just used on the sides of bench.

    Step 29

    Shoes in one cubby, basket for purses in other cubby, small basket for keys, sunglasses, wallets, ETC. 😜

    Step 30

    Step 31

    Step 32

    Step 33

    Step 34

    Step 35

    Garage before and after 😄