How to Make an Emulsified Sugar Scrub

by Susan Barclay Nichols

Make an emulsified sugar scrub at home!


  • 20 Grams Cocoa butter or black cocoa butter
  • 56 Grams Oil of choice
  • 1 Gram Phenonip
  • 2 Grams Fragrance or essential oil
  • 120 Grams White sugar
  • 10 Grams Emulsifying wax
  • 10 Grams Cetyl alcohol
  • 1 Digital scale
  • 1 Plastic jar
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Where to get supplies for sugar scrubs? Visit my blog at and visit the FAQ to find a supplier in your part of the world.

    Step 2

    The fragrance or essential oil is added when we add the sugar, after the cool down. If you want to make more, multiply the recipe!

    Step 3

    Bath & body recipes are normally written using weighted measurements because they are more accurate. You cannot use volume measurements for this recipe - it will fail.

    Step 4

    This recipe differs from oil based scrubs as it includes emulsifying wax that will turn the product into lotion when you rinse it. Use any e-wax you like at 10% of the recipe. (Do not use beeswax.)

    Step 5

    Use any oil you wish. A heavier oil - like olive oil - will feel heavier on your skin than a lighter oil, like soy bean. The shelf life of this scrub will depend on the oil's shelf life.

    Step 6

    Grapeseed oil has a shelf life of 3 months, hempseed about the same. Olive, rice bran, sweet almond, and soy bean should be good for about a year.

    Step 7

    Measure the ingredients into a heat proof container. Do not include the essential or fragrance oil at this point because they are heat sensitive and you won't smell a thing if they evaporate!

    Step 8

    Heat for 20 minutes, and make sure all ingredients have melted. No flecks like those you see above. Stir as much as you like! Don't microwave - you might get really hot pockets of oil!

    Step 9

    Remove the melted ingredients and place in the freezer until it gets a solid layer on the top. While you're waiting weigh out 120 grams white or coarse plantation type sugar.

    Step 10

    If you were to whip this now, it would have this creamy looking consistency. If it isn't cold enough, you could take quite a long time getting it to this point, which is really lovely.

    Step 11

    Add the sugar and fragrance or essential oil to the jug.

    Step 12

    Mix it until you get a pudding like consistency. A whisk is the best way because it'll add air, which makes the scrub nice and fluffy.

    Step 13

    Doesn't this look lovely?

    Step 14

    Scoop the scrub from the jug and put into your jar. I recommend a plastic jar as it isn't safe to use glass around the bath. Please do not use a previously used jar.

    Step 15

    If you've used regular cocoa butter, your scrub will be a bit stiffer than the black cocoa butter version. Both versions will continue to cool and thicken over the next 48 hours or so.

    Step 16

    In the shower or bath, scoop a handful from the jar, and slather over your body. Rinse, and it turns into lotion! Is it magic? No, but it is pretty awesome!

    Step 17

    I like food scents, so I tend to use fragrances like white chocolate or Clementine cupcake. If you plan to use essential oils, please check the suggested usage amount before adding.

    Step 18

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