How to Make an Easy Hair Scrunchie

by Ida Moxham

These are so easy to do and make really nice gifts :)


  • material
  • thread
  • needle
  • elastic
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First choose your material. You can choose any type, but I think cotton works best.

    Step 2

    Then measure about 10 cm in, draw a line and cut a long strip.

    Step 3

    Like this:) mine's about 22 inches long

    Step 4

    Fold the strip over so it's inside out, and pin along the edge:)

    Step 5

    Sew all along the edge :) you can do it by hand but it's easier and quicker to use a sewing machine

    Step 6

    Like that(:

    Step 7

    Turn the tube the right way by scrunching it into itself with your finger

    Step 8

    Take a safety pin and attach it to your piece of elastic like this :)

    Step 9

    Now comes the hard part:) put the safety pin inside the tube and scrunch the material past it until you have reached the end, but hold on to the other end of elastic so it doesn't go inside the tube

    Step 10

    So it will end up like this :)

    Step 11

    Gather it up to the size you want it to be, tie a double knot and trim the elastic.

    Step 12

    Sew up the opening and your done!:)

    Step 13

    With it in my hair :)

    Step 14

    These are the ones I've made :) please comment like and follow!