How to Make an Easy 15 Minute Healthy Fast Food Meal

by Nina van Ee

our own homemade recipe


  • 100 Grams Tomatoes
  • 200 Grams Whole Grain Pasta
  • 80 Grams Mozzarella
  • 6 Bunches Basil
  • 100 Grams Turkey Bacon
  • 200 Grams Summer fruits frozen packet
  • 200 Milliliters Homemade orange juice
  • ½ Lemon
  • 5 Bunches Mint
  • 1 Cup Flax Seeds
  • 1 Bunch Garlic
  • Olive Oil
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Gather ingredients for smoothie.

    Step 2

    Gather ingredients for pasta.

    Step 3

    Boil the pasta. Add a little bit of salt.

    Step 4

    Add 200 grams of whole grain pasta.

    Step 5

    When water is boiling, add the pasta. Cook for 9 minutes.

    Step 6

    Wash the tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. Chop them up.

    Step 7

    Cut the oranges in half and use the orange juice maker to make orange juice.

    Step 8

    Add orange juice to the blender and add the frozen summer fruits. Add some leaves on mint depending on how much you want. Blend.

    Step 9

    Put 100 grams of turkey bacon in the warm pan with butter. Leave for 3-5 minutes.

    Step 10

    After blending the ingredients for the smoothie together add the flax seeds and some mint leaves on the top.

    Step 11

    After 9 minutes of the pasta cooking, put pasta in strainer to take water out.

    Step 12

    Cool pasta by adding cold water.

    Step 13

    Put all the ingredients together after pasta has cooled.

    Step 14

    Put turkey bacon in bowl and you are finished!