How to Make an Apple Bird

by Matt O'Neil

Make a bird out of an apple.


  • An apple
  • A knife
  • Cutting board
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Cut any nasty apple you want in half at a diagonal

    Step 2

    Take out two seeds

    Step 3

    Cut out the middle of the apple using 2 objects to cut straight horizontally

    Step 4

    Then use the cutout you just got and cut it like so

    Step 5

    Repeat a couple times on both sides

    Step 6

    You should have this so far

    Step 7

    Then slice the other half of the apple until you get a piece that looks like a flattened heart

    Step 8

    Make a cut here

    Step 9

    And here

    Step 10

    And also here

    Step 11

    Adjust the head a tiny bit by cutting it

    Step 12

    Cut out a notch for the bird neck to go in

    Step 13

    Put the eyes (seeds) in...and

    Step 14

    There you have it, an apple bird