How to Make American Flag Shorts

by Angela K


  • 1 Denim shorts
  • Paintbrush
  • 2.25 Ounces Red fabric paint
  • 2.25 Ounces Navy/blue fabric paint
  • 2.25 Ounces White fabric paint
  • Newspaper
  • Star stickers/template/stencil
  • Duct tape
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Here is all the supplies that you will be using!

    Step 2

    This is the fabric paint I chose to use, however you can choose whichever type of paint you prefer!

    Step 3

    Start by taping off the edges of your shorts with the duct tape..

    Step 4

    You can tape off the crotch, pockets and zipper area, belt loops and waist area as well. (The zipper and pocket areas are optional depending if you want the strips there or not)

    Step 5

    Before you paint be sure to line your shorts with the newspaper/paper towel so the paint doesn't bleed through

    Step 6

    You will want to start by painting the front of your shorts all white..

    Step 7

    Tada! (I ended up taking off the tape and painting the zipper area). Allow to dry

    Step 8

    Next you will be doing the red stripes on the right side of the shorts

    Step 9

    Tape off using the duct tape to create the lines for the red

    Step 10

    Paint red and allow to dry

    Step 11

    You will now be creating the template for your stars

    Step 12

    Lay out your stars in the pattern they want and the stick them on

    Step 13

    Paint over your stars with your blue paint and let dry

    Step 14

    Remove duct tape once red stripes are dry (if necessary touch up your lines)

    Step 15

    Remove stars once blue paint is dry

    Step 16

    And your shorts are done!

    Step 17

    I recommend washing your shorts first and just move the shorts around a bit so they aren't so stiff. I hope you enjoyed, thanks for using my guide! :)