How to Make Altered Door Hanger

by Art Anthology

This tutorial teaches you how to make an altered door hanger with chipboards, stencil and Art Anthology paints and sprays


  • White gesso- DecoArt
  • Chipboard door hanger- Tando
  • Reef Velvet paint- Art Anthology
  • Limeaid Velvet paint- Art Anthology
  • Leaf Sorbet paint- Art Anthology
  • Pixie Sorbet paint- Art Anthology
  • Baby Blue Eyes Sorbet paint- Art Anthology
  • Red Velvet Sorbet paint- Art Anthology
  • Retro Stencil- Art Anthology
  • Chipboard gate, word and butterflies- Tando
  • Grass Colorations Spray- Art Anthology
  • Siesta Key Colorations- Art Anthology
  • Barbie Colorations- Art Anthology
  • Glorious Colorations- Art Anthology
  • Gel medium
  • Letter stickers
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Cover the chipboard door hanger with a thin layer of white gesso and let it dry.

    Step 2

    Use Art Anthology Retro Stencil with 5 Art Anthology paints. Add each paint over a part of the stencil and don't mix them.

    Step 3

    Peels the stencil off and let the paint dry.

    Step 4

    Add a bit of Red Velvet paint over the dry door hanger to fill the gaps with some red paint.

    Step 5

    Partially pain the the chipboard gate shape with Pixie Sorbet paint. Do not try to cover the whole chipboard piece . Let the paint dry.

    Step 6

    Mist the gate shape with Grass Colorations spray and let the spary dry.

    Step 7

    Spray the whole door hanger with a mix of Colorations sprays: Barbie, Glorious and Siesta Key.

    Step 8

    Paint the word " Reflect" with a thick layer of Red Vekvet paint as shown. It takes a couple of hours to be sure the paint is totally dry with this thickness.

    Step 9

    Paint the chipboard butterflies with a thin layer of Red Velvet and Pixie paints and wipe the paint to make the pastel background. Add paint dots with the back of the paint brush.

    Step 10

    Arrange the gate, the word and the butterflies over the door hanger and glue them with gel medium.

    Step 11

    Add the stickers word " Change" under the chipboard word " Reflect". Cover the stickers with more gel medium.

    Step 12

    Here are some clos- ups to the finished piece.

    Step 13

    And some more close- ups to the top of the hanger.