How to Make a Wood Quote Board

by Kiwi Lane

How to make an inexpensive wood art for your home using Hazel and Ruby stencils and some paper!!!


  • Hazel & Ruby stencil mask peel away letters
  • Wood
  • Paint 2 colors
  • Foam brush
  • Sander
  • KLD pinwheels from celebrate set
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First make a board. Using scraps of wood screw a small piece of wood to the back to connect them all together.

    Step 2

    This is what the front will look like.

    Step 3

    Paint the base of the wood what ever color you want your words to come through as.

    Step 4

    Add your letters. I used Hazel & Ruby stencil mask peel away letters.

    Step 5

    Use acrylic paint and a foam brush.

    Step 6

    Paint the entire surface area, including stencil-mask material.

    Step 7

    Once surface is completed, use tweezers to get underneath stencil and gently peel away from surface.

    Step 8

    I then sanded the top and edges to rough everything up a little.

    Step 9

    Added a couple paper pin-wheels. See the snap guide on how to create pretty pinwheels.

    Step 10

    Display in your house with other home decor.

    Step 11

    Here are a couple other wood and paper projects that you might want to try making.

    Step 12

    Wood dowel firecrackers with pinwheel tops.