How to Make a Wine Bottle Card

by Jessica Self

card making is one of my favorite hobbies. it helps to show your loved ones that you put time into thinking of a personal way to celebrate them! this card is shaped like a wine bottle for my aunt!


  • Craft Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glitter and Glitter Glue
  • Pens
  • Pencil
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    gather your supplies! are you ready to make a personal and thoughtful birthday card??

    Step 2

    colors can vary - my aunt loves merlot, so I chose purple for the card. the first sheet we will use will have color on one side and white on the other, that way you can see the writing on the inside.

    Step 3

    take a sheet of paper and fold in half. I found a template of a wine bottle on google images, printed, and cut it out. trace around wine bottle making sure one edge is on the folded side of paper.

    Step 4

    when you finish cutting out the general shape of the card, it will look like this. fold along the line again to make the card.

    Step 5

    the shape of the wine bottle card should be about a half inch bigger than the second bottle you'll cut out. several layers help to make the card feel substantial and aesthetically beautiful.

    Step 6

    use another sheet of paper similar in color (different in shade,) perhaps with a different pattern. this is the process for tracing, cutting, and gluing out the second bottle layer.

    Step 7

    put the glued product underneath a heavy object to set. I find high school yearbooks are a perfect fit!

    Step 8

    I cut the label from the template and traced it onto an off white paper, cut, than glued it to the bottle card. replace beneath the yearbook to set.

    Step 9

    now to add some flare to the label! we're gonna make a small cupcake, keep in mind the size of your label when making the cup. I choose striped paper for the bottom of the cupcake, measure, and cut.

    Step 10

    the top of the cup of your cupcake should be a bit wider than the bottom to create a slight taper. also, round the bottom of your cup.

    Step 11

    now for the icing: play around with the shape, keep in mind size of the cup and label. cut out your icing from a white paper, and glue to the cup.

    Step 12

    I used a different purple to back the cupcake. I traced the icing and cup a little bigger than the size of cupcake - cut and glued. add a heart for decoration! place under yearbook to set.

    Step 13

    NOTE: when tracing on the backside of paper (so that pencil marks don't show,) the shape of your icing may come out backwards. just flip over when tracing so that the shape comes out the right way.

    Step 14

    I chose to add a cork from a sheet of brown paper. I traced the top of my template and cut out.

    Step 15

    glue on your cupcake and cork, place back beneath yearbook to set.

    Step 16

    add details to the label. I used her name as the brand of wine, and her birth year as the vintage. use glitter glue to add sprinkles to cupcake, and lightly dust entire card with purple glitter!

    Step 17

    VOILA! a beautiful & thoughtful card for your loved one! other cards I've made: an xbox controller, a cupcake, music sheets, scrabble tiles, 100hearts, and many more! stick around for the next one!