How to Make a Volcano on MineCraft

by Kaitlin A. Edwards


Step 1

Find a flat spot and build a cobblestone square

Step 2

Build the square two more blocks up

Step 3

Like this

Step 4

Now start building a layer on the outside made out of brown wool

Step 5

Then build outward. It must sort of look like steps

Step 6

Be sure to curve the edges

Step 7


Step 8

Now layer the block to look stairs again

Step 9

Go all the way around when layering

Step 10

To know your done layering you should be able to fill in the square with exactly nine blocks

Step 11

Cover the layers with brown wool

Step 12

Like this

Step 13

Add lava in the pit

Step 14

Use cobblestone to cover everything except one square

Step 15

Make a trail down your volcano for a visual lava trail

Step 16

Once you meet the bottom spread out your lava

Step 17

Mismatch your colors

Step 18

Here's what it should look like

Step 19

Go back and create grass patches with a dark green block

Step 20

Here you go! Enjoy! :)