How to Make a V-Neck From a Regular T-Shirt

by N. Roman

this tutorial is from a video i saw on youtube by @withwendy. i decided to give it a go and it turned out to be very simple.and fun!. enjoy! :)


  • scissors
  • thread splitter
  • pins
  • sewing machine
  • needle and thread
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    supplies!! well some of them anyway..

    Step 2

    pick out any t-shirt you desire.. i decided to do it on one i didn't really care if it got ugly, just in case i messed up. hence the nice tye-dye ;)

    Step 3

    I tried mine on and decided where how deep i wanted the V...marked it with a safety pin.

    Step 4

    TIP: make sure you do not cut the V too deep unless you are willing to go and buy more collar fabric! you will be using the same fabric to make the V.

    Step 5

    take your seam ripper and start detaching the FRONT side of the collar only..

    Step 6

    Step 7

    it should look like this

    Step 8

    then fold the shirt on its side so that the side seams match up and the V can be cut symmetrically.

    Step 9

    cut the V..

    Step 10

    then while the shirt is still folded on its side cut the collar right in the middle.

    Step 11

    u should have the collar split and it should look like this. (click photo to see)

    Step 12

    give the collar strips a little stretch so they can cover the fabric along the V.

    Step 13

    now you can start pinning!

    Step 14

    start from the shoulder working your way down towards the V and stretching the collar as you go.

    Step 15

    the you can sew it! the trickiest part is sewing down the first collar to the V.

    Step 16

    only one side is attached fully to the V. when you sew down the other side of the collar stop just a little before you get to the V and sew that end to the back of the first collar

    Step 17

    and your done! :) yay!!

    Step 18

    now go flaunt in your new V-neck! Lol

    Step 19

    for more crafty crafts of my own design, look me up @