How to Make a Tissue Paper Wreath

by Annie S.

A simple DIY to create a wreath that, unlike floral wreaths, will never die or have to be replaced!


  • Tissue Paper (2 different colors)
  • 1 Exacto Knife or Scissors
  • 1 Floral/Craft ring (
  • 1 Ruler
  • Tape
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Gather supplies.

    Step 2

    Layer 2 sheets of tissue paper (1 of each color) and cut strips 3-4 inches wide.

    Step 3

    Cut fringe on both ends of the strip, leaving an inch of uncut material in the middle of the strip. This is where you will twist the layers together.

    Step 4

    Twist the two layers of tissue paper to hold the sheets together and "activate" the fringe (fluff it up so it's not just laying flat).

    Step 5

    Finish twisting and repeat all the steps with more paper until you have enough fringe to wrap around the craft ring.

    Step 6

    Wrap the lengths of fringe around the craft ring, using tape to secure the ends of each piece so they don't unravel.

    Step 7

    Hang the wreath on a nail or a command hook.