How to Make a Tissue "Painted" Egg

by Sandy Sowa


  • Colored tissue paper
  • white vinegar and water solution
  • Tag board
  • Spray bottle
  • Flat paint brush
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Start with a tag board egg cu out

    Step 2

    Add strips of tissue one color layer at a time

    Step 3

    Spray with a 4:1 water / vinegar solution.

    Step 4

    Peel off the layers of tissue and discard. Use plastic gloves to keep fingers from staining.

    Step 5

    Try it on a real hard boiled egg but don't eat it ! Try this technique on an egg shell after the content has been removed by the pierce and blow out method.

    Step 6

    The technique looks very aged and muted. Dust it with spray glitter if it's too unconventional.