How to Make a Tasty Breakfast Quiche

by Linda O.


  • 1 Package of pie crusts, ready made
  • 1 Small block of Dubliner Irish Cheese
  • ½ Cup any other cheese, I used a basic cheddar
  • 1 Sweet onion
  • 1 Tomato
  • ½ Cups Spinach leaves, fresh
  • 1 Chicken breakfast sausage tube, any brand
  • Some butter and olive oil for cooking stuff in pan
  • Pepper, salt, granulated garlic for flavor
  • Some fresh basil
  • 6 Eggs
  • 1 Cup Half and half
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    You want to take one of the two pie crusts out and let it reach room temperature, for 15 minutes, before unrolling.

    Step 2

    These are a few of the veggies that I will use.

    Step 3

    I cut the tomato up to get it ready for the quiche.

    Step 4

    I cut this onion in thin slices so it would make strings of yummy caramelized onion throughout the quiche.

    Step 5

    This is my own basil which I also use in this.

    Step 6

    I used this half and half, but organic is really best.

    Step 7

    Here is my choice of breakfast sausage. It's slightly healthier than putting bacon or pork sausage in it ;)

    Step 8

    Here are the eggs that I will use. 4 out of 6 were from my own hens. You can thank Lilly and Dizzy for laying those ;)

    Step 9

    Time to add my eggs in a bowl..

    Step 10

    And also my 1 cup of half and half.

    Step 11

    Stir it up good!

    Step 12

    Add a little salt...

    Step 13

    And some pepper, but not too much 😁 set this egg mixture aside for now.

    Step 14

    Now you can grate up your block of cheese :)

    Step 15

    I added some of this cheese in for color and texture also.

    Step 16

    Now I got two pans out to cook the onions down and the sausage. I added some olive oil and a little pat of butter to them first.

    Step 17

    Then I added, to one pan, the sausage...

    Step 18

    Here's the sausage finished cooking.

    Step 19

    Then I added the onion to my other pan.

    Step 20

    Here are my onions getting caramelized.

    Step 21

    I put the onions on a paper towel to get excess oil soaked up.

    Step 22

    Here's my crust just unrolled...

    Step 23

    I shaped it a little and it looks much better now.

    Step 24

    First I sprinkle a layer of cheese on the bottom of the crust.

    Step 25

    Like so...

    Step 26

    Then I add some sausage...

    Step 27

    And some caramelized onion...

    Step 28

    And fresh spinach...

    Step 29

    Then the tomato...

    Step 30

    And more cheese :)

    Step 31

    Quite a bit more hehe...

    Step 32

    More sausage, yeah!!!

    Step 33

    Basil on top of that...

    Step 34

    Pour the egg mixture, that you set aside, all over the top.

    Step 35

    It should look like this ;)

    Step 36

    Now you can put this into a 425F oven for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes are up, turn down your oven to 325F for another 35 minutes, checking for doneness every so often. If jiggly, it's not done.

    Step 37

    Here it is in the oven...

    Step 38

    I set the oven for the first 15 minutes...

    Step 39

    The timer went off so I turned down the oven and reset the timer for 35 minutes.

    Step 40

    This is the quiche after 30 minutes. Maybe that is enough. Mine isn't jiggling and is looking done, so out it goes ;)

    Step 41

    What a beautiful sight! My tummy is grumbling as I type this 😋

    Step 42

    Here's the wonderful slice that I will be eating very soon :)

    Step 43

    Look at how fluffy it turned out, and I had fun making it ;)

    Step 44

    Wish you could have some too!