How to Make a Succulent/cactus Entryway

by Romanescu Laura Sinziana

Make a beautiful cactus/succulents entryway- easy and quick!


  • Flower pots different sizes
  • Flower soil
  • Cactus and succulents as you like
  • Accesories for decorating
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Prepare the pots, get the flowers from the pots you bought with and replant them. Make variations of 1 or multiple cactuses in one pot.

    Step 2

    Examples 😍

    Step 3

    Add accessories if you like.

    Step 4

    Examples 😍

    Step 5

    Examples 😍

    Step 6

    Examples 😍

    Step 7

    Examples 😍

    Step 8

    Examples 😍

    Step 9

    Arrange the pots at the entryway as you like...I have other flowers also.

    Step 10