How to Make a Starburst Ring

by Tiffany Dahl

This guide is a request from Aidan Bailey. I hope you all enjoy :D


  • Rainbow Loom
  • Hook
  • Rubber bands
  • Pony Beads
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Gather all your supplies :D

    Step 2

    Take your first two bands and place them on the first two sets of pegs on the center like this. Start at the bottom.

    Step 3

    Go up 3 pegs and place another band.

    Step 4

    Place another green one below the third green one. Make sure you do it below and not on top of it.

    Step 5

    Starting from the center peg, place one band to the left.

    Step 6

    Take another band and place it on top of the other band.

    Step 7

    Get one more band and place it to the right. Finish placing bands around in a circle in a clockwise position.

    Step 8

    Here is the complete circle. Grab one more green band.

    Step 9

    Place it were you see my red band. This is just to show contrast and were you should place the band. It gets hard to see when it's the same color. Make sure you place a band of the same color :).

    Step 10

    A side view of what you should have.

    Step 11

    Now grab your bands for the starburst color. Place your first one like this.

    Step 12

    Going clockwise let's put the rest of the bands on. These steps are very important to completing your starburst. They have to be put on this way or you will have issues looping the starburst.

    Step 13

    The third band

    Step 14

    The fourth band

    Step 15

    The fifth band

    Step 16

    And the sixth and final band

    Step 17

    Take one band and wrap it around your hook 3 times. This is our capping band that will be going in the middle of the flower.

    Step 18

    Place it here.

    Step 19

    It's time to start looping. Flip your loom around and let's get to it :)

    Step 20

    Push back your capping band and hook the 1st band on top. Loop it to the left.

    Step 21

    It should look like this. If we put the bands in the right order we should not have any problems looping the rest of the bands. We will be looping in a counter-clockwise position.

    Step 22

    Reach back into the center and grab the next one on top.

    Step 23

    Take the next band on top and go down. Continue looping the bands in order.

    Step 24

    Your flower should look like this.

    Step 25

    Reach in this peg and grab the 1st green one on top.

    Step 26

    Loop it to the center left. Reach in the next peg and grab the next band.

    Step 27

    Continue in a counter-clockwise position working your way around the body of the starburst.

    Step 28

    And now we are done with the body.

    Step 29

    Reach in the center peg and loop the first half of the ring base.

    Step 30

    This is what it will look like.

    Step 31

    Now let's loop the other half. This will be a little tricky since we are looping backwards.

    Step 32

    And that's done

    Step 33

    Reach in the last peg and create a slip knot. Grab the band that's on the bottom and pull it through the band on top. Take the band that is left in the peg and let it go. Pull the other band tighter.

    Step 34

    And there is your slip knot.

    Step 35

    C-clip the other band at the top. And now it's time to pull it off.

    Step 36

    A side view

    Step 37

    And there you have it. A wonderful starburst ring.

    Step 38

    I hope you all enjoyed this guide. Continue scrolling for another version of a starburst ring. Start at step 2 and work your way to step 9.

    Step 39

    Steps 2-9

    Step 40

    Get 6 bands and 6 pony beads of any color

    Step 41

    Pinch your band and put it through the pony bead

    Step 42

    Do this to all the bands and beads

    Step 43

    Just like in steps 11-16 we are going to place the bands. This time we have beads on the bands.

    Step 44

    All the bands placed.

    Step 45

    Add a capping band and flip your loom. It's time to start looping.

    Step 46

    Grab the first band on top and loop it to the left. Flow the counter-clockwise motion and loop the rest of the bands.

    Step 47

    Then work the body or border of the starburst.

    Step 48

    Loop the first base of the ring.

    Step 49

    Loop the second base and make your slip knot at the end.

    Step 50

    Attach your c-clip and pull your ring off the loom.

    Step 51

    And there you have it. A beaded starburst ring.

    Step 52

    Here are just a few I have made so far :D

    Step 53

    I really hope you enjoyed this guide on how to make Starburst rings. I'm sorry it's a bit long but I don't like to leave out steps. If you have any request please don't hesitate to ask :D.