How to Make a Starbucks Dog Costume

by Blythe Epley


  • Cardboard
  • Green marker
  • Velcrow tape
  • A dog!
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Find a cardboard strip (I had a box) and base it on your dogs waistline

    Step 2

    Get a visual on what logo you want for your doggy cup cozy!

    Step 3

    Have a green marker handy to color it for the full effect! ;)

    Step 4

    This velcrow tape has a sticky side so just stick each piece on the cardboard sides (Make sure it fits snuggy-puggy!) I got my velcrow tape at the dollar store and it works awesome!

    Step 5

    If you wanted to add a hat, take a Starbucks coffee lid and hole-punch the sides and draw a string through.

    Step 6

    This is what mine ended up looking like. I added green glitter glue because my pug "Latte" wanted it more girly!

    Step 7

    Latte is now a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starpugs! Lol!