How to Make a Slip Case for a Phone - Part 1

by Pearl Chen

Have an Android phone with NFC capabilities? Make a multi-functional carrying case that automatically puts your ringer on silent, turns it up loud, or creates a Wi-Fi hotspot!


  • Blank sheet of paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape or glue
  • Felt
  • Foam sheet
  • Sewing pins
  • Thread to match felt
  • Sewing machine (recommend but not required)
  • Phone
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Overview of what it'll look like and what it does.

    Step 2

    This is a 2 part guide. If you don't have an Android (boo-urns!) then you can still use Part 1 of this guide (what you're looking at now) to make a case for ANY phone -- sans NFC tags.

    Step 3

    Make a cutting template out of paper. Grab your phone, a blank piece of paper, a ruler, and a pencil/pen.

    Step 4

    Add 1cm to the top of the paper for the hem. Measure the thickness of your phone and add that measurement to an additional 1cm for the inseam stitching. The total was 2.5cm/1" for me.

    Step 5

    Place your phone down on the piece of paper (aligning it with your previously made lines) and mark the right side and the bottom side onto the template paper.

    Step 6

    Complete the lines for the tick marks you just made. Use the ruler to make sure the lines aren't crooked.

    Step 7

    Using the measurements for the thickness of your phone, add an allowance at the bottom your slip case.

    Step 8

    Add the inseam to the right side. (Remember that it was 1.5 cm or 1 inch for me.)

    Step 9

    Cut it out.

    Step 10

    Your template should now be perfect for your phone!

    Step 11

    Uh oh. Spoke too soon. Looks like my folded over piece of paper is not long enough to actually match up!

    Step 12

    That's okay, use some excess paper to extend what you've already got. Just lay it on top to get the measuements.

    Step 13

    Here I already added a 1cm hem line to the extra paper and I am taping the piece to my current template.

    Step 14

    Overview of finished template!

    Step 15

    Use the template to cut out the outer layer fabric. I used grey felt here.

    Step 16

    Fold the outer layer fabric in half and pin the inseams. Make sure the phone can still slide in!

    Step 17

    If your fabric has a "right" and a "wrong" way, make sure that you fold the fabric with the right way facing each other because you're going to be sewing the sides and then flipping it inside out.

    Step 18

    Moving onto the inside layer, this clip answers, "Why foam?" (I get cutoff at the end there but you'll see what I was going to say in the next step.)

    Step 19

    Cut out the foam but exclude the hem and inseam allowances.

    Step 20

    Double-check how well your phone and the foam fits into your outer case and re-pin for snugness if necessary. We'll then head over to the sewing machine.

    Step 21

    Sew the inseam but start your stitch 1cm down from the top to allow for the hem to be folded down.

    Step 22

    One side down! If you don't have a sewing machine you could do this by hand.

    Step 23

    The previous step but in video format and on the other side.

    Step 24

    Trim off the excess fabric in the inseam but don't get in too close to the stitch -- make sure there's a little bit of breathing room.

    Step 25

    Flip it inside out.

    Step 26

    Put the foam back in.

    Step 27

    Ta da! It fits! Now for NFC tags... That's in Part 2 of this guide so check it out!! Just search for "NFC". Otherwise, use hand sewing to create a hem to tidy up the opening of the case.

    Step 28

    To find Part 2 of this guide, look through my other guides or search for "NFC".