How to Make a Simple Loop for Jewelry

by BeadFX Beads

The "Simple Loop" is a great way to attach beads and dangles for light weight beads and where there won't be a lot of stress or tugging - i.e. earrings. The trick is making them match in size!


  • beads
  • round nose pliers
  • flush wire cutters
  • headpins
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    the simple loop - start with a bead and a headpin

    Step 2

    trim the headpin - the length depends on the size of the loop, but about 1/2 inch or 12 mm is good

    Step 3

    now you have a shorter headpin

    Step 4

    grasp the headpin with your ROUNDNOSE pliers, just above the bead

    Step 5

    using your fingers, bend the headpin to 90 degrees, or a little more, over the pliers. Bend away from you. This is hard to see in this pic, so see the next one.

    Step 6

    This is the 90 bend, I changed the angle so you could see it.

    Step 7

    Now, grasp the very end of the headpin with your pliers ...

    Step 8

    and bend the wire into a loop - if you just roll your wrist away from your body, it will make a nice loop

    Step 9

    here is what it looks like from the other side

    Step 10

    sometimes you don’t bend far enough - not to worry, just go back and bend some more until the loop is closed.

    Step 11

    A little off-center - but that's ok - you can fix that.

    Step 12

    Just put the pliers through the loop and bend it to make it centered.

    Step 13

    There you go! Now go make some more! Practice helps!

    Step 14

    to attach to something - like a jump ring or a chain or an ear wire, open the loop by twisting to the side, just like the jump ring tutorial!

    Step 15

    TIP! To get all your loops the same size, mark your pliers with a sharpie or masking tape so that you always use them in the same place, and you will get the same size loops!