How to Make a Simple Berry Smoothie

by Debbie Leong

This yummy smoothie is really easy to make and healthy. I love these in the morning....but they're great anytime!


  • 1 Cup Plain, nonfat European style yogurt
  • ⅔ Cups Frozen blueberries, raspberries, &/or blackberries
  • 2 Pinches Stevia extract
  • A few mint leaves (optional)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Gather your ingredients • plus smartstick blender (or other blender) • large blending cup

    Step 2

    Add all ingredients into blending cup. Even though Greek style yogurt is all the rage, European style blends quickest...and plain has the lowest grams of sugar. Straus is my go to option

    Step 3

    Blend until consistency is drinkable

    Step 4

    Drink up! I usually drink straight from the blending cup...just another reason why smartstick blenders are awesome.