How to Make a Shaker Card

by Tina Sutton

Fun shaker card made from Valentine Treat Bags


  • Ctmh Cut Above Valentine Treat Bag
  • 12 inches pink twine
  • 3d foam Tape
  • Tickled Pink Stamp Set
  • Calypso Washi Tape
  • Pixie ink pad
  • tickled Pink Thin Cuts
  • 3x4 flip flap
  • Hollyhock ink pad
  • Black ink pad
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Finished card

    Step 2

    This is what comes in the kit!

    Step 3

    We won't be using these items! Save for future use!

    Step 4

    Cut your treat holder to look like photo. Basically cut off folds!

    Step 5

    Line up your bases with printed sides on outside!

    Step 6

    Stamp a sentiment on inside of card!

    Step 7

    Take a 3x 4 flip flap and fill with confetti!

    Step 8

    Trim edges of flip flap.

    Step 9

    Peel off flap and stick inside envelope to seal,

    Step 10

    Glue scallop and decorate!

    Step 11

    Add 3 d tape

    Step 12

    Peel 3 d tape and stick down sealed flip flap!

    Step 13

    Glue the top piece on and decorate!

    Step 14

    Stamp Flamingo and attach to card!

    Step 15

    Samples of both designs!