How to Make a " Save the Date " Calendar Book

by Tati Scrap

How to make a "Save the Date" Calendar with Time to Flourish Graphic 45 collection!


  • Time to Flourish 12x12 Pad
  • Time to Flourish Ephemera Cards
  • Time to Flourish Calendar 8x8 Pad
  • Time to Flourish 8x8 Pad
  • Time to Flourish 6x6 Patterns & Solids Pad
  • Time to Flourish Tags & Pockets
  • Shabby Chic Door Pull
  • Green Ribbon
  • Chipboard
  • Wire piece
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    For the covers cut four pieces (three for front cover and one for back cover) of sturdy mat or chipboard to 7 x 4 1/2 inches, appy gesso to ONE piece of chipboard.

    Step 2

    Once dry I have made a window, cutting the three pieces of chipboard that I have for to make my front cover.

    Step 3

    Cover this front side of the chipboard piece with "Time to Flourish" Graphic 45 paper. I also cut the same window in the paper.

    Step 4

    Once this side is covered with decorative paper, use a strong glue to assemble three pieces of chipboard.

    Step 5

    Apply gesso to all the edges.

    Step 6

    Later you will decorate the cut of the window with a chipboard of your selection. I have chosen this one.

    Step 7

    Use elements from the Graphic 45 "Time to Flourish" collection to decorate your window as desired.

    Step 8

    *THE PAGES: The front of each page has a " Time to Flourish" Ephemera Card and the back of each page have a pocket. I will repeat same process for each month.

    Step 9

    Using both monthly sheets from 8x8 and 12x12 Pad and covering back of each page with the "Time to Flourish Calendar" 8x8 Pad. Now I will share how I did the one month page...

    Step 10

    Cut all the images I want to use in each month page.. I fussy cut details .

    Step 11

    For the pages, prepare and cut 12 pieces of 10 1/2" x 4" white cardstock. I have used the extra blank sheet of paper at the back of the 12x12 paper pad!

    Step 12

    Glue the Ephemera card and the strip of the month, then folded the rest as it is seen in the photo.

    Step 13

    Cover back of the page with " Time to Flourish" Calendar 8x8 Pad. And each month page have a pocket.

    Step 14

    *POCKETS: Fold over the edges to the interior. I have chosen this card from 12x12 paper.

    Step 15

    Like this...

    Step 16

    And now glue the pocket in the back of each moth page.

    Step 17

    This is how the pocket will look when glue this in the back of the page.

    Step 18

    * FOR A CURVED SPINE: I have use a piece of hard cardboard like a kitchen paper roll or plastic wrap. Cut the kitchen paper roll by half with the same height of the cover (7 inches)

    Step 19

    Glue a piece of white cardstock to the interior cardboard roll as shown.

    Step 20

    Cut a piece of paper and use adhesive to adhere it to the exterior cardboard roll and covering front as shown.

    Step 21

    Use adhesive to adhere each cover to the curve spine. (I have used a strong glue)

    Step 22

    *BINDING THE PAGES: Cut a pice of paper 3 x 4 inches. Fold as seen in image and slide the paper into the Bind-it-All.

    Step 23

    When you have punched all the inside pages(my book has 6 holes so I am going to cut the ring so that there are 6 loops) Place your stack of pages on the table right side up with the holes on the left.

    Step 24

    This is a sample of how I binding the pages. I have used a size 3/4"Antique Silver.

    Step 25

    Okay, now this next step is very important.. Here is where the inside pages go when you glue it to de BACK of the FRONT cover!

    Step 26

    Step 27

    And covering back of the cover with a sheet of paper of your selection. This is how the calendar will look when opened!

    Step 28

    Decor/embellish the album. I have used more chipboards and ribbons from my stash..and voilá! Here my " Time to Flourish" Calendar. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. KISSES

    Step 29

    Thank you so much!