How to Make a Round Gift Box

by Milagros C Rivera

Making round boxes is a snap with the new Spellbinders dies! And Relics and artifacts make the perfect finishing touch!


  • Pattern paper
  • Spellbinders dies
  • Relics and Artifacts cherub
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Fue cut your pieces

    Step 2

    Fold your triangles

    Step 3

    Glued the sides

    Step 4

    I use tiny clothespin stop help me!

    Step 5

    Glue your top sides too

    Step 6

    Apply glue to attach box bottom

    Step 7

    Apply and glue the top

    Step 8

    Make sure it's a snug fit

    Step 9

    Start embellishing!

    Step 10

    Hide your presents!

    Step 11

    Finish with a ribbon

    Step 12

    And attach your cherub as the finishing touch

    Step 13

    Now you're ready to give away your present! For more ideas