How to Make a Rolling Waste Bin (IKEA Hack)

by Johann Richard

Use two IKEA products to create a rolling waste bin for your kitchen. Doubles as a pylon for all sorts of kids races.


  • 1 IKEA KNODD metal waste bin
  • 1 IKEA LANTLIV plant stand w/ wheels ø 30cm (11 ¾")
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Get yourself a plant stand on wheels (LANTLIV from IKEA or any other stand with a diameter of 30cm (11 ¾ "))

    Step 2

    Get yourself one KNODD waste bin from IKEA

    Step 3

    Even if not meant for each other, they go very well together. KNODD's base plate is just a few millimeters bigger in diameter than LANTLIV.

    Step 4

    Just put the bin on the plant stand and voilà: you have your rolling waste bin.