How to Make a Quick Wedding Invitation

by Brit Sviggum

This wedding invitation is easy and quick to make.


  • Graphic45 Mon Amour - Mon Amour paper
  • Graphic45 Mon Amour - Dearest Darling
  • Graphic45 Mon Amour - Forever Mine
  • Graphic45 Mon Amour - One and Only
  • 3D foam dots
  • Scotch permanent tape/glue dispenser
  • White cardstock
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    I have used an empty matchbox. You can buy them in bags with several boxes for a cheap price. First of all I measured the length of the match box, and cut a piece off from the 8x8 paper.

    Step 2

    I used strong glue, and glued it to the box. Then I just cut of the piece of paper that was left over.

    Step 3

    I then cut the same length, but only 1,5 cm wide, and glued this round the box.

    Step 4

    For this project I have used the Mon Amour 8x8 paper pad from Graphic45. When you buy a paper pad, you will save some money, because you can use so many different motifs from the pad.

    Step 5

    Here I cut out a motif I liked, and added som 3D foam dots to it.

    Step 6

    Then attached it to the box.

    Step 7

    I also cut out a couple of flowers from the same paper pad.

    Step 8

    I also found this little cute butterfly to use.

    Step 9

    I glued one of the roses directly to the box, a bit under the oval picture. Then I used a foam dot under the other rose, to make some dimension The little butterfly was attached to the oval picture.

    Step 10

    I measured the inside of the box. Then cut out a piece of white cardstock the correct width and twice the length. Then I glued some pattern paper to one of the sides of the white cardstock.

    Step 11

    Here I have glued it to the back of the pattern paper that I wanted to use.

    Step 12

    Fold the paper in the middle, so that you can open it and write inside.

    Step 13

    I also cut a small piece of white cardstock for the outside of the card, and wrote: you are invited.

    Step 14

    I measured the inside of the box and cut a piece of paper to use in the bottom of it.

    Step 15

    Here you can see the box open, with the card inside.

    Step 16

    The finished project. Hope you enjoyed :)