How to Make a Petaloo Exploding Valentine Box

by Denise Hahn

Made with Simple Stories Homespun Collection


  • 1 Petaloo Botanica Faux Dried Blooms Red
  • 1 Petaloo Mixed Blossoms x8 Robin Egg Blue
  • 1 Petaloo Textured Elements Red
  • 1 Simple Stories Homespun Stickers and Alphas
  • Simple Stories Homespun Paper Collection
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Cut 3 sheets of Simple Stories Homespun 12x12 into 1-9x9, 1-6x6, and 1-5x5. You can actually make your box any size just make the two larger sheets divisible by 3.

    Step 2

    You will also need- Xyron tape runner, hot glue gun, wire, scissors, a score board (optional) and a straight pin

    Step 3

    Score your largest sheet at 3 inches. Flip and score at 3 inches again-creating 9 squares. You can just measure and fold if you don't have a scor-pal

    Step 4

    Snip out the 4 outside squares as shown and then fold in edges crisply

    Step 5

    Now take your 6x6 piece. This is the center inside. You will score at 2 inch increments, cut and fold

    Step 6

    Now, with your tape runner attach the inside to the outer box, turning it at a diagonal angle. You can also line it up symmetrically if you like.

    Step 7

    The 5x5 square will be the lid- simply score 1 inch in on all sides-then snip one line in at the four sides as shown

    Step 8

    Add some more Xyron Tape runner to the inside tabs

    Step 9

    Fold in and press down, creating the lid. TIP! Make sure you are not attaching the the straight edge too tight, even make it a little wider-This will help the lid fit better over the outside box.

    Step 10

    Fold up your edges and put on the lid to check your fit

    Step 11

    Voila! Now at this point you can go in any direction. Put some candies in it, a gift card, jewelry, anything! Or you can glitz it up...

    Step 12

    I selected some Simple Stories stickers and paper. And grabbed a cut out notch of paper from the inside box. Snip some wire and bend 1/4 inch at the bottom creating little "L"

    Step 13

    Attach the wire to the backs of your stickers or die cuts with hot glue and let cool. I used three wires, three different sized pieces and made them 3 different heights

    Step 14

    Take the straight pin and make some holes where you want your stickers to pop out

    Step 15

    Put the little "L's" through the bottom of the holes you punched and hot glue them down. TIP: You can use the hot tip of your glue gun to smooth out and make glue as flat as possible.

    Step 16

    I added my focal piece- a Ballerina and a Petaloo Mixed Textured Blossom in red with my hot glue gun. I also added the little wood pieces

    Step 17

    Then I just grabbed my Simple Stories Homespun stickers and went to town. Out a little something on each flap- but remember you have to close it so don't go too crazy

    Step 18

    Now for the outside. I used Petaloo Fancy Trims in Beige

    Step 19

    Step 20

    When building the flowers on top I like to glue down my leaves first

    Step 21

    When I glue down my flowers I ONLY glue in the center. This way and slide other flowers and leaves in if needed

    Step 22

    I added some Petallo Robin Egg Blue Mixed Blossoms to my Botanica Faux Dried Blossom. I then bent the wire in the leaves for dimension

    Step 23

    I added some red twine from The Twinery. Just loop it around the focal flower

    Step 24

    I punched out this little tag with a Fiskars punch, then added some Simple Stories Homespun Stickers and Die Cuts and tied it on with a little bow

    Step 25

    Here are some close up shots...

    Step 26

    Tag detail

    Step 27


    Step 28

    Step 29

    inner panels...

    Step 30

    Step 31

    Step 32

    Step 33

    Step 34

    Step 35