How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee With an AeroPress

by Jeff Rock

Here's a guide to making the perfect cup of handmade coffee with your Aeropress.


  • 2 Scoops fresh coffee beans
  • 12 Ounces Filtered water
  • 1 AeroPress
  • 1 Conical burr grinder
  • 1 8 to 12 ounce mug
  • 1 AeroPress filter
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First, you'll have to have a conical burr grinder to create uniform grinds (manual or electric.) Next, you'll need fresh beans to grind. Finally, you'll need an AeroPress (of course.)

    Step 2

    Time to grind the beans. Use your AeroPress scoop and place 2 full scoops of beans into the grinder. You should also start to boil 10 - 12 ounces of filtered water at this point.

    Step 3

    Set your grinder to a medium-fine grind. You may like your grind a little finer, but make sure not to grind it too fine or it will be tough to press the water through.

    Step 4

    Place your filter in the cap and screw on the chamber.

    Step 5

    Place the assembled chamber over your favorite coffee mug. If you're using a travel mug you can use the funnel under the chamber to taper down if need be.

    Step 6

    Right around the time your water begins to boil, pull it off the burner. You're looking for a temperature of about 200 degrees.

    Step 7

    Pour enough water into the plunger to fill it just above the 2 mark.

    Step 8

    Use a little bit of that water to wet the filter. Don't forget this part. Trying to press through a dry filter is a recipe for disaster.

    Step 9

    Pour your grinds into the chamber. I like to use the AeroPress funnel to cut down on the mess.

    Step 10

    Now we're going to start to wet the grinds. Pour in about half of the water in the plunger to saturate the grinds.

    Step 11

    You'll see them "bloom" and release a strong coffee aroma. Wait about 15 seconds and continue to pour in the rest of the water.

    Step 12

    Now, after about another 15 seconds take your paddle and stir the mix up & down, left & right for about 10 seconds. The paddle isn't long enough to touch the filter so don't worry about being careful.

    Step 13

    Insert the plunger about a half an inch into the chamber and straighten it.

    Step 14

    Push straight down at a steady place. It should take about 30 seconds to get to the 2 mark.

    Step 15

    Right between the 2 mark and 3 mark you should hear a hiss. That means all the water has been pushed through the grinds and you're done.

    Step 16

    What you have in the cup at this point is basically a 2 ounce espresso. You can drink it at this point but most people enjoy a little more volume. Now let's make this into an Americano coffee.

    Step 17

    Pour some of the remaining hot water into your mug. Measure out 6 - 8 oz with a measuring cup if you don't know what it should look like in your mug yet. The less water the stronger the cup will be.

    Step 18

    You're done! Wipe down your AeroPress, optionally stir in a touch of sugar and enjoy a perfect, handmade cup of coffee.