How to Make a Paracord iPhone Cable

by David Grayson

Make a "rescue" iPod cable that looks cool and helps make the cable stronger.


  • Paracord
  • iPhone/iPod/iPad cable
  • Lighter
  • Knife
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First you need to eight to nine lengths of Paracord. Just use the iPod cable as the measuring tape

    Step 2

    After you get your eight to nine lengths of parachord fold it in half, and grab the fold. Also remember to burn/fuse the ends of the Paracord

    Step 3

    Place iPhone chord in the fold

    Step 4

    The main trick to the rest of this is knowing how to tie a Solomon's Bar (also called cobra) knot. It's easy. Take the right side parachord and go over the iPod chord and under the left parachord.

    Step 5

    Here is a picture. Again over and then under

    Step 6

    Then take the left side and go over iPhone cord and under or through the parachord. Make sure it is through the loop

    Step 7

    See under iPod cord through loop and pull the chord through. Just remember to start over under, under over. Then from here in it's under over, over under.

    Step 8

    Now you have it started.

    Step 9

    Always make sure you start the under over over under process on the side that need the new "loop". Like where my finger is pointing.

    Step 10

    Again... Under over.

    Step 11

    Over under and through. Make sure you pull tight! Also using your phone as an anchor helps.

    Step 12

    Then you go under over, over under on the next side.

    Step 13

    Here is a vid just to help.

    Step 14

    And a vid of the other side

    Step 15

    And there you go. When you get to the end make sure you cut off the extra length and just fuse the ends so it won't unravel. That's it!!'