How to Make a Paper Crane

by David Gaga

Here is an easy way to make a Paper Crane! ;D Please like!


  • Square piece of paper
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Get your square piece of paper.

    Step 2

    Flip it too the uncolored side if you have colored paper.

    Step 3

    Fold like so. Diagonally. Remember to fold it the way like in the picture.

    Step 4

    Fold ones again but horizontally and vertically the same way as the other folds.

    Step 5

    Fold in.

    Step 6

    And again.

    Step 7

    Push down and you have a smaller square.

    Step 8

    Fold the two front flaps to the center fold line. Make sure that it looks like the picture.

    Step 9

    Flip over and do the same thing on the back.

    Step 10

    Fold the top triangle down.

    Step 11

    Let it go back up.

    Step 12

    Fold out the folded in flaps.

    Step 13

    Pull up from the bottom corner and make sure that you are only folding up one layer of paper.

    Step 14

    Fold in like so.

    Step 15

    And again. Make sure it looks like the picture.

    Step 16

    Flip it over.

    Step 17

    Fold down triangle.

    Step 18

    Pull out folded flaps.

    Step 19

    And repeat what you did on the other side.

    Step 20

    Do this.

    Step 21

    And this. Make sure it looks like the paper.

    Step 22

    Fold in flaps to center line.

    Step 23

    Flip over and repeat. Make sure that it looks like the picture.

    Step 24

    Fold like so.

    Step 25

    Push in, in the middle of the leg thing.

    Step 26

    Fold in all the way and I hope it works. Check the picture.

    Step 27

    Do the same on the other leg.

    Step 28

    Don't make the head again

    Step 29

    Tada I hope you made it.

    Step 30

    And it looks something like this. :D