How to Make a Pancake Omelette

by Jennifer Leigh


  • pancake mix
  • chocolate chips
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Use your favorite pancake mix and make the batter (Krusteaz is super easy to use!)

    Step 2

    Your mix should look like this😁

    Step 3

    Have your chocolate chips ready! Semi-Sweet is the best. Use your favorite brand; mine is Toll House, but this is all we had.

    Step 4

    pour the pancake like a regular pancake; you are ready for the next step when the top is bubbling through

    Step 5

    sprinkle chocolate chips abundantly on one side

    Step 6

    flip it over (I added a bit of batter over the chips just to be safe)

    Step 7

    Fold it over to one side.

    Step 8

    Voila! Enjoy your omelette!