How to Make a Nappy Cake for a Baby Shower

by Claire Thompson

This is a great idea for a friend/family member's baby shower gift. Add in anything for either mama or baba. They are so easy to do and are so professional looking!


  • 1 Metal Circular sweet tin
  • 1 Pack of Nappies (approx 27)
  • 1 Bunch Large Elastic bands
  • 1 Bunch Small baby bobbins
  • 1 bottle of champagne/ fizzy grape
  • 1 baby wipes
  • 1 bag of cotton wool
  • 1 pack of baby vests
  • 1 pack of bibs
  • toys or your choice
  • pretty ribbons
  • clear plastic wrap (optional)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Gather all your materials needed (See Supplies section). Begin rolling the nappies and securing them with a baby bobbin.

    Step 2

    Remove the lid from empty sweet tin. Place a large elastic band around the tin. Make sure there is a little bit of give, but also it is not too loose. Start loading the rolled nappies in the band.

    Step 3

    The finished nappy circle should look like this. I used 19 nappies and the elastic is not at breaking point. :-)

    Step 4

    In the middle of the empty tin place in the Bottle of Champagne/fizzy grape. To secure, push the bag of cotton wool around the back of the bottle, and push the wipes infront of it.

    Step 5

    Make a second layer of a nappy circle around the neck of the bottle. Secure the nappies with a medium elastic band.

    Step 6

    I added another layer of nappies ontop of the second layer until the entire bottle was covered.

    Step 7

    Begin to decorate your Nappy Cake with vests, bibs, swaddle blankets or whatever you like! I found/made little gaps in and around the nappy stacks to place in vests etc.

    Step 8

    I jammed in some baby wash and lotions to make sure the Champagne bottle was fully secure. I also decided to replace some nappies with folded bibs to make it prettier! :-)

    Step 9

    Take out your pretty ribbons. I tried to cover up the elastic bands around the nappy circles as much as possible...

    Step 10

    Pop on some toys/teddies. I love rubber duckies so they were my choice. It also went along with my bathtime theme with the washes and lotions. :-)

    Step 11

    If you have some materials left over, why not make a mini one!! I used the metal tin lid as a base and placed a folded blanket in the centre so the elastic band could go around it.

    Step 12

    The finished products for my very special friend! :-) xxx I hope you liked my very first guide! Please leave comments if you liked it or tried it. Cheers :-)