How to Make a Nail Polish Ornament

by Alicia O


  • Clear ornament
  • Nail polish
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    You need these clear ornaments, I'm pretty sure you can find them at any craft store.

    Step 2

    First you need to pull the top off. You just gently pull the ring.

    Step 3

    Pour a lot of polish into the ornament. Then swirl it around to completely coat the inside.

    Step 4

    another video

    Step 5

    Then pour the remaining polish back into the bottle. Just hold it and let it drip out until it's out, or your arm gets tired or you get bored.

    Step 6

    Another video

    Step 7

    When I didn't want to hold them anymore, I put them in an empty egg carton- opening down so the polish could keep dripping out. You could stick a paper towel in a cup/jar and do it that way too