How to Make a Money Ring!

by Janice De Vera


  • 1 Choice of bill ($1, $5, $10, $20, etc)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Works BEST with crisp bills! For demonstration I'm using a dollar bill. Feel free to use any other U.S money amount.

    Step 2

    Start at the back of the bill and fold down all the way across the top between the green and white line.

    Step 3

    This is what it should look from the front of the dollar..

    Step 4

    Now turn the bill 180 degrees to your left so that George Washington's head is upside down.

    Step 5

    Now fold the top down to the bottom of the line.

    Step 6

    Should look like this right now.

    Step 7

    Fold the crease sharp throughout the top line. You can even use your nails or a coin to do this.

    Step 8

    Now fold the bottom inside the little fold to look like this.

    Step 9

    It should now be tucked inside the small fold.

    Step 10

    You can also take a coin to make sharp crease lines on the bottom part.

    Step 11

    Now fold the bottom up to the top.

    Step 12

    Now it should look like this after folding up.

    Step 13

    The right side should look like this just to give u an idea.

    Step 14

    Take the left side of ur bill and square off the number 1 by folding down the white area of the edge.

    Step 15

    Fold the square piece to the back to make a crease line to the right side of the 1.

    Step 16

    Should look like this when u lay it down. Notice the 1 is now has a square shape.

    Step 17

    Then take the square part hold the bottom with your thumb while taking the rest of the dollar bill and go clockwise until it wraps around your finger.

    Step 18

    It should now wrap around like this.

    Step 19

    When u take it out of your finger it should make this shape.

    Step 20

    It makes a "number 6" shape.

    Step 21

    Un roll the curve and lay it flat with the square piece "1" on the left side.

    Step 22

    Take the right side and fold up between the letters "E" and the "S.". NOTE: This determines the width of the circle part of the ring.

    Step 23

    NOTE: Fold up to other letters in between to ur LEFT if u want the ring TIGHTER. Fold in between letters more towards the RIGHT side to make the ring hole more LOOSE.

    Step 24

    Now take the 1 and place it on top until it covers the triangle fold.

    Step 25

    The 1 should now be on top aligned like this.

    Step 26

    Now open the 1 and begin to fold down the top on to the bottom.

    Step 27

    Now it should be folded down.

    Step 28

    Take the 1 and unfold the little crease so it can wrap underneath as seen.

    Step 29

    Should look something like this now.

    Step 30

    Take the part sticking out and fold inside the circle.

    Step 31

    Fold all the way inside the tunnel.

    Step 32

    Once it's folded in, the extra part will be sticking out.

    Step 33

    Lightly squeeze the sides of the 1 to make a slight opening. Now tuck the piece sticking out inside the 1.

    Step 34

    Tuck it in nice and snug.

    Step 35

    Should now look like this. Just line up the edges accordingly so it looks clean and folded.

    Step 36

    It's nice and snug in all of the edges.

    Step 37

    The 1 is nice and square and visible.

    Step 38

    When u take it off it should look like this. If the circle is too small adjust it by going back to STEP 22 and make it wider by going in between letters towards your RIGHT.

    Step 39

    Take your money ring and wear it! YAY congrats u are done! 😃

    Step 40

    Thanks for taking the time to read the step-by-step tutorial! Have fun with it! 😃