How to Make a Mixed Media Art Journal Entry

by Milagros C Rivera

Enjoy playing with some watercolor to build a mixed media journal entry in your book!


  • Art journal, old book
  • Finnabairs heavy gesso
  • Heavy body gel
  • Stencils
  • Watercolors
  • Muca powders
  • Rub ons
  • Foul
  • Hearts
  • Lace
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Cover with a coat of gesso

    Step 2

    Apply heavy body gel through a stencil to create a resist

    Step 3

    Awesome textures you can speed drying or let air dry

    Step 4

    Using watercolors begin painting your page

    Step 5

    Spray with water the heavy body gel will resist the colors!

    Step 6

    Wet with water and let the drips flow

    Step 7

    Apply rub on

    Step 8

    You will have a sticky surface and you can add whatever you like!

    Step 9

    I covered in gold foil

    Step 10

    Add old lace that you can hand rip

    Step 11

    Distress the mating of your photo and ink the edges

    Step 12

    Add your photo and glue a metal heart!

    Step 13

    Add enamel hearts

    Step 14

    Do your journaling!