How to Make a Magnet Frame

Display photos, recipes, noters or reminders. Double sided- clothespin on one side and magnetic sheet on the other. Credit to Rachel Rayomnd, designer.

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How to Make a Magnet Frame
7 Steps

Use sponge brush to paint block black or any base color that you want to show through. The base color can be imperfect, as it will be covered. Paint all edges.


Paint oval base, candle cup and finial black as well.

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Paint top color- We used white. Don't apply second coat too thick. You will rub off with sandpaper. Repeat imperfect paint job on all pieces and allow to dry for a while.


Sand white paint lightly to let the black show through to desired look. Distressing works best if you emphasize corners and edges and pick random spots in the middle to sand.


To assemble, glue all the wood pieces with wood glue. Candle cup goes on oval base. Finial goes on top of block.


You can make this double sided. On one side, glue your clothespin with wood glue. On the other side, glue your sheet board with E6000. Add the scroll embellishment above the sheet metal.


The edge of the sheet metal will line up with the bottom of the wood. Allow to dry and enjoy!

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