How to Make a "Lanyard" Out of Plastic Lacing!

by Dylan Spencer

This is the EASIEST thing ever to make! All it takes is a little patience!


  • Plastic lacing
  • Scissors
  • Patience! 😄
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Before I start I want to say I have no clue why they are called lanyards, SO this is not what they are supposed to be! I made mine a bracelet! Do WHATEVER with yours!

    Step 2

    Gather supplies! Obviously I am on an airplane so I can not bring scissors, BUT before I left I cut everything! ✈✂

    Step 3

    Cut 4 long pieces of plastic lacing! (Make sure that they are long enough to make whatever you wish!)

    Step 4

    Tie a not at the end of the plastic lacing

    Step 5

    Place a piece if plastic lacing on each side

    Step 6

    Bring the top piece over like a rainbow

    Step 7

    Bring the bottom piece up like a rainbow

    Step 8

    Pull the right piece through the piece that was on the bottom at the start

    Step 9

    Do the same on the other side and repeat and repeat and repeat! It does not matter which side you do it on from then on. NOTE: I am sure there are other ways on how to do this- this is the easiest! 😃

    Step 10

    NOTE: Keep pulling all sides of the plastic lacing on the lanyard to make it tight when you finish each "lace"

    Step 11

    Here is the finished product! This is a different one I made since they take FOREVER! So enjoy your lanyard creation!

    Step 12

    Step 13

    Step 14