How to Make a Ladies' Diary Box and Mini Album

by Marina Blaukitchen

A Ladies’ Diary Deluxe Collection are the selected Graphic 45 papers to make this lovely work.


  • 1 #4501252 A Ladies’ Diary De luxe Collection
  • 2 A moment in time paper
  • 2 Picture perfect paper
  • 1 Afternoon tea paper
  • 1 Focal point paper
  • 1 Last impressions paper
  • 1 Fashion plates paper
  • 1 Delicate details paper
  • 1 Chipboard and stickers A Ladies Diary
  • 1 #45 00841 Shabby chic ornate metal brads
  • Cardboard
  • 8 Brads
  • Ribbon
  • Distress ink
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Graphic 45 A Ladies’ Diary Deluxe Collection 12" x 12" pad.

    Step 2

    Cut two pieces of 6" x 4”, four pieces of 6" x 1” and four pieces of 3 13/16" x 1” of cardboard to make the box for the mini album.

    Step 3

    Cover one side of the pieces with decorated paper.

    Step 4

    Then cover the other side of the pieces. Stick a piece, leave a space free of the same thickness than the cardboard you are using and stick the next piece.

    Step 5

    This is the space between the pieces.

    Step 6

    Continue sticking the pieces as shown to make a good use of paper. The missing piece will be added too.

    Step 7

    Glue all pieces to form two equal parts of the box and ink edges and corners.

    Step 8

    Use a ribbon and 8 brads to make the enclosure of the box.

    Step 9

    Two brads in each side of the box.

    Step 10

    Put them as shown.

    Step 11

    Put them as shown.

    Step 12

    Tip: To hide the back of the brads fussy cut a small piece of paper, in this case a little flower, and adhere.

    Step 13

    They go unnoticed.

    Step 14

    Close the box with a tie.

    Step 15

    Then decorate as you like.

    Step 16

    I have used a chipboard of the set, a piece of ribbon, two paper flowers and two wonderful Graphic 45 brads.

    Step 17

    Cut these pieces, they will be the album cover.

    Step 18

    Stick them using double sided tape as shown leaving a space free of the same thickness than the cardstock you are using.

    Step 19

    Cut the excess of paper and apply double sided tape on the other side.

    Step 20

    This is the cover.

    Step 21

    Make a spine for four pages.

    Step 22

    This is the spine to adhere in central space of the covers.

    Step 23

    To make the pages, cut four pieces of different papers of 5 ½" x 6 13/16 “ and fold them in half.

    Step 24

    Cut a central piece in one side to make a window.

    Step 25

    Use double sided tape to adhere a piece of acetate on the window.

    Step 26

    Adhere some acetate and put double sided tape as shown.

    Step 27

    Step 28

    Step 29

    Adhere the page to the first line of the spine.

    Step 30

    First page is done.

    Step 31

    Make a window in the second page. You can cut it the way you like.

    Step 32

    Put some double sided tape.

    Step 33

    Adhere acetate.

    Step 34

    Third page. Make some lines with a pencil and cut with care.

    Step 35

    Reserve the parts of cutting paper.

    Step 36

    Make a piece that fits perfectly on the page.

    Step 37

    Adhere the little pieces in theirs old places.

    Step 38

    Put a piece of acetate on the card/tag and another one on the inside of the page. It will move better that way.

    Step 39

    You can use a photo to make this technique. Stick the page on the spine.

    Step 40

    When you remove the card it shows the hidden paper or photo.

    Step 41

    Die cut to make the window for the next page of the mini album.

    Step 42

    Place some acetate and stick the page on the spine.

    Step 43

    Adhere the page to the spine.

    Step 44

    Decorate cover as you like.

    Step 45

    Step 46

    Step 47

    Page one.

    Step 48

    Page two.

    Step 49

    Page three.

    Step 50

    Step 51

    Page four.

    Step 52

    Inside cover.

    Step 53

    Step 54

    A Ladies' Diary Graphic 45 Box and mini album.