How to Make a Joined Zig-Zag Bracelet

by Tiffany Dahl

This guide is dedicated to Sol Jimenez


  • Floss/string
  • Scissors
  • Clipboard or your MFBMaker
  • Tape
  • Beads
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    For this bracelet we will only be doing the Forwards knot and Backwards not. Get your supplies ready and let's get knotting!!!

    Step 2

    If you guys have seen my Candy Stripe guide.....

    Step 3

    And the ending where I make the ZigZag bracelet (or wave bracelet), you will love this bracelet. We will just be doing the ZigZag a little different.

    Step 4

    Cut 5 pieces of string. You can do any colors that you like. Fold your string in half and make a knot at the top leaving a knot. Place your string in order. Mine is RGGRR/RRGGR.

    Step 5

    Start with the 6th string. We are going to be working with the right side first. We will be making Forwards knots across all 4 strings.

    Step 6

    Make your 4 and put the end if the string through the loop. Make sure you do this twice to make 1 Forwards knot.

    Step 7

    Pull it all the way up to the top.

    Step 8

    Continue onto the gold string. And then knot over the remaining strings.

    Step 9

    Here is the 1st row. Don't worry if your row looks a little funny, it's because of the beginning knot. Now let's work on the 2nd row.

    Step 10

    Grab the next red string and make your way across the other strings.

    Step 11

    Here is the 2nd row.

    Step 12

    Grab the next string which will be gold if you are following my color scheme. Knot across the four other strings.

    Step 13

    Row 3 complete and two more to go. Continue working on row 4 and five and them stop.

    Step 14

    With all five rows done it's time to work on the left side.

    Step 15

    Grab string number 5. Mine is the red one. We are going to be doing the same thing like the right side except we are going Backwards.

    Step 16

    The Backwards 4. It's just like the Forwards knot but backwards. Don't forget that two knots equals 1 regular knot. Make your way across all four strings.

    Step 17

    Here the the 1st row.

    Step 18

    Grab the next string in line. Take the red one and do Backwards knots across all four of the other strings.

    Step 19

    Here is the 2nd row. Grab the gold string and way your way across again.

    Step 20

    Here is the third row. After the second or third row it gets a little repetitive. Grab the next gold string and make your way across again.

    Step 21

    Row four is done. Time to do the fifth row. Go ahead and grab that last red string and make your way across the others.

    Step 22

    With all the rows done in the first half it's time to start the Zag of this bracelet.

    Step 23

    We are going to start with the left side since we just ended here. This this row was Backwards to start now we are going Forwards. Pick up the first red string and make your way across the others.

    Step 24

    You will notice the little point at the beginning.

    Step 25

    Grab the gold string and make your across using Forward knots.

    Step 26

    The second row is done. And let's do it again. Grab the next gold string and make your way across the other strings.

    Step 27

    Row 3 is done. Can you guess what theme this bracelet is going to be? Grab the red string and start working on the next row.

    Step 28

    Row four is done. Let's knock row 5 put too. Grab the last red string and make your way across.

    Step 29

    And we are finished with the last row. Time to work on the other side.

    Step 30

    Since this side was done with Forwards knots we will be switching to Backwards knots. Grab the red string and make your way across the other strings.

    Step 31

    With this row done I am hoping you have gotten the hang of how this bracelet is going to knot. Go ahead and knot both of the gold strings in the 2nd and 3rd rows.

    Step 32

    Isn't this looking nice? Grab the red string and knot the 4th row.

    Step 33

    One more row, I think we can do it :D

    Step 34

    At this point you can see the shape of the bracelet. If you just let it sit there both sides of your bracelet will try and touch each other.

    Step 35

    And here comes the fun part. Grab both of the middle strings.

    Step 36

    Take a bead and slide the string through the bead. What helps me the most with put using a needle is getting the end if the strings a little wet. This will help slide the bead on a lot easier.

    Step 37

    Slide your bead all the way to the top.

    Step 38

    Take the string from the right side and knot the next row. All the knots on this side will be Forwards knots.

    Step 39

    Let's do the other side to keep the bead in place.

    Step 40

    Grab the other red string that is through the bead and make Backwards knots going to the left.

    Step 41

    With our bead secure now we can work on the sides of the bracelet. You can start on either side of the bracelet, it doesn't matter.

    Step 42

    I went ahead and did the right side first. Now it's time for me to knot the left side.

    Step 43

    With both Zigs done on each side it's time to do the Zags. Again you can start with whatever side you like.

    Step 44

    I started with the left side, so for me it's time to do the right side now.

    Step 45

    And there is the right side.

    Step 46

    Let's go fishing for a bead :D. I love beads!!

    Step 47

    With the red bead placed and the two rows in to secure it it's time to knot some more.

    Step 48

    I did the Zig and Zag on the right side this time.

    Step 49

    Here is the left side.

    Step 50

    Now that I have six sets of each Zig Zag done it's time to finish my bracelet.

    Step 51

    Separate the two sides and make braids with them. Cut off the excess.

    Step 52

    And here is the finished bracelet.

    Step 53

    I hope you all enjoyed the bracelet guide. If you have any requests for bracelets you would like to see let me know :D. Happy knotting!!