How to Make a iPhone Costume

by Alexandra W

How to create a iPhone 4s Costume.


  • 2 White Foam Boards
  • 1 Any Color Foam Board
  • 19 App Decals
  • 1 Exacto Knife
  • 1 Double Side Tape
  • 1 Silver Spray Paint
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Get three foam boards one any color the other two white.

    Step 2

    Print out your apps.(preferably on photo paper.)

    Step 3

    Put your apps on the colorful board

    Step 4

    Draw the lines for the boarder of the iPhone.

    Step 5

    Exacto knife the board with the drawings and glue it one and then cut the edges and draw the detales

    Step 6

    Color in the top.

    Step 7

    Spray paint the silver iphone and apple sign

    Step 8

    Add velcro to both sides.

    Step 9

    And your done