How to Make a Happy Halloween Hall Tree With Tutorial

by Pam Bray

A fun and creative way to make a miniature hall tree for Halloween. I am sure it will make everyone happy when then see all the fun elements that are sitting on the shelves!


  • 1 Graphic 45 Halloween in Wonderland Deluxe Edition
  • 1 Graphic 45 Window Box #4501025
  • 1 Graphic 45 Book Box #4501163
  • 1 Graphic 45 Claw Feet
  • 1 Graphic 45 Washi Tape
  • 1 Graphic 45 Antique Brass Door Knockers
  • 1 Graphic 45 ATC Alphabet Banner
  • 1 Graphic 45 Decorative Door Plate
  • 1 EK Scallop Punch
  • 1 Stampendous Rust Encrusted Embossing Powder
  • 1 Tim Holtz Silverware and LightBulb
  • 1 DecoArt Media Paint: Titan Buff
  • 1 Random Floral Picks with Pumpkins
  • 1 Random Floral Fall Berry Picks
  • 1 Small rubber mice
  • 1 Small Plastic Skeletons
  • 1 Brown Ribbon
  • 1 Tan Twine
  • 1 Chain
  • 1 Mini Glass Jar
  • 1 Mini Spiders
  • 1 1/2" Circle Punch
  • 1 Miniature Pitcher and Cups
  • 1 Xyron Creative Statioin
  • 1 Xyron Adhesive
  • 1 Pop Dots
  • 1 Small Chipboard Hat
  • 1 Broken Doll Minature
  • 1 Paint Brush
  • 1 Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • 1 Sizzix Decorative Lace Die
  • 1 GSLasercuts Fence and Gates
  • 1 Resin Bat
  • 1 Metal Pocket Watch
  • 1 Flowers
  • 1 Paper Butterfly
  • 1 Metal Frame
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Open Book Box....

    Step 2

    Remove box from lids.

    Step 3

    Tape edges with washi tape.

    Step 4

    Adhere paper to sides and top of box. Adhere to legs.

    Step 5

    Adhere paper to sides and inside of Shadow Box. Die cut strips of pattern paper with die; adhere to Shadow Box.

    Step 6

    Mat journal image from deluxe collection; adhere to together and place inside center space of shadow box.

    Step 7

    Cut chipboard pieces apart; emboss with rust encrusted embossing powder.

    Step 8

    Add embossed chipboard to bottom.

    Step 9

    Fussy cut images from pattern paper; place together with pop dots.

    Step 10

    Adhere Window Shadow Box to prepared Book Box Stand to form hall tree. Add door plate and knob to side of hall tree. .

    Step 11

    Dry brush Titan Buff paint over metal knob and door plate.

    Step 12

    Adhere cards that have been layered together with pop dots to the side

    Step 13

    Add three more of the cards to the other side of the hall tree along with a paper butterfly.

    Step 14

    Dry brush frame with Titan Buff paint. Adhere to image from pattern paper. Add to front of top space with pop dots. Fill jar full of skeleton bones. Adhere to shelf of top space.

    Step 15

    Wrap twine around jar and tie chipboard tag into place with bow.

    Step 16

    Adhere prepared embossed chipboard to top of hall tree. Fussy cut hand from pattern paper. Add to front of hall tree with pop dots.

    Step 17

    Wrap chain around wrist of hand and attach to pocket watch. Adhere watch to front of hall tree. Dry brush pocket watch with Titan Buff.

    Step 18

    Decorate center space with a broken doll....

    Step 19

    A plastic mouse, candle holder with small light bulb.....

    Step 20

    and silverware. Dry brush silverware, candle holder, and light bulb with Titan Buff paint.

    Step 21

    Punch circles and adhere to top of witch hat. Add pattern paper to brim along with banner strip for witch hat band.

    Step 22

    Add bow to side of hat along with a flower, chipboard, and image that has been cut from pattern paper.

    Step 23

    Remove pumpkins, leaves and berries from floral picks. Adhere to top of box along with small pitcher and cup. Fussy cut rabbit image from pattern paper and add to front of box.

    Step 24

    Dry brush Titan Buff paint randomly on pitcher, cup, flowers, pumpkins, etc.

    Step 25

    Fussy cut image from pattern paper. Adhere to side of hall tree.

    Step 26

    Add "H" tag that is decorated to inside of bottom space. Adhere spiders on box.

    Step 27

    Closer look at the top of the Happy Halloween Hall Tree.

    Step 28

    On the top of hall tree add embossed gate and a resin bat that has been dry brushed with Titan Buff paint. Add flowers, berries, etc randomly around the top of hall tree.

    Step 29

    Fussy cut "Halloween in Wonderland"; adhere to top of hall tree.

    Step 30

    Here is a closer look of the top.

    Step 31

    Fussy cut a cat image from the pattern paper; adhere to gate along with more flowers, berries, etc.

    Step 32

    Add "Curiouser and Curiouser" Banner to the flowers.

    Step 33

    I hope you have enjoyed the making of fun and fabulous Happy Halloween Hall Tree using Graphic 45 Halloween in Wonderland Collection.