How to Make a Hair Bow

by Diamond Dust 💎


  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun (you can also use a sewing kit/machine)
  • Bobby pin
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This guide will show you how to make a hair bow with a bobby pin! They are easy to make and do not take very long. Enjoy! 🎀

    Step 2

    Cut your fabric into a rectangle. (The bigger the rectangle, the bigger the bow!)

    Step 3

    Flip it over

    Step 4

    Fold it in half

    Step 5

    Fold in half again

    Step 6

    Do this to make fold lines

    Step 7

    Now use your glue gun or sewing supplies to seal along the fold lines like this

    Step 8

    Squish the fabric to the shape you want the bow to be

    Step 9

    Cut out a long rectangle of fabric (not from the bow!) Sorry it's wrinkled up

    Step 10

    Hold your squished fabric like this and put a dot of glue there

    Step 11

    Place one end of your long rectangle on the glue dot

    Step 12

    Wrap the long rectangle around the bow and when you get to the end, add a line of glue and press the fabric down and then add another line of glue on top of that

    Step 13

    Get your bobby pin

    Step 14

    Press the bobby pin onto the glue line

    Step 15

    Now you have a hair bow! 🎀🐱