How to Make a Good Professional Music Video

by Cody Nickson


Step 1

Hey everyone! It's Cody :) a lot of ppl liked my covers and in the past a friend of mine has edited some really pro music vids! :) I'm gonna show u how to act and show u some of mah vids at the end ;)

Step 2

You want to make your acting dramatic :) but pretend that the Camara isn't there.. Make the video as if it was real

Step 3

Props.. Good props, such as a necklace, a guitar etc. remember your serious face :) this photo was taken of me at a friends house :) great place to film :)

Step 4

Play with the sound... Downloading good sound apps on your iMac will make a big difference.. Play with the FX and the sound

Step 5

Find a good setting, eg.. The beach! The best place Ever!

Step 6

Drumroll please! Here are my music videos! Enjoy!

Step 7

I won't give up featuring- maisy holland (friend)

Step 8

Bruno mars- never say you cant

Step 9

Wide awake- Katy perry cover (featuring my dad and max )

Step 10

Shoutout to Sam x